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Vedanta, the culmination of Vedas is a system to enable Sadhakas an Advaitic Experience. It is a protocol system that was interpreted by Adi Shankara Bhagavad Pada - in acccordance with the tradition - rightly for the achievement of the only true Goal of Life which is Realization of the Self.

Now, "Vedanta" has become a fashionable word and is losing it's true meaning. It's being oft-quoted to the extent of people taking it to be just a fancy and without any traditional leanings. Adding to it is the explosion of self-styled gurus claiming to propound "Vedanta" simply essentially stripping it off any tradition and authenticity.

"Vedanta through Shastra" is a refreshing (ironically) approach to learning Vedanta that any serious aspirant must follow. It emphasizes on a Shastric way of acquiring the essence of all the key philosophies - "Shadh Darshanas" of the age old Indian System to be the foundation of a non-shakeable Vedantic Knowledge and Experience.

The System has been pioneered by all the traditional Gurus and has been passed on since time immemorial. Also it's been a part of the ancient Edcational system in India and was taught mandatorily to all the students.

Here, Swamiji is bringing forth to us the same System - A Shastric Approach To Learning Vedanta - Shashtriya Vedanta, in simple Tamil / English, through translations of the primary works on each of the darshanas and through a comprehensive package of Lectures given in simple Tamil on the "Prasthana Thrayi" namely Brahma Sutra, Bhagavad Gita and the Upanishads as well on other great Advaitic works like Pancadasi etc., This is a treasure not to be found anywhere else, especially for Tamil / English knowing Sadhakas, as such a traditional approach and easy explanation of Shastra can only be obtained by diligent seekers sitting at the feet of their Guru in a true Guru-Shishya Spirit.

So, Let us atleast Emulate that Spirit and utilize this treasure-trove for aiding us abide in the Self - Atman.

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